Flex Ebike

The perfect option for the traveller! Flex is not only a great looking sport mountain bike, but its not only about looks with this fantastic machine. Flex is cable of folding in half within seconds allowing to be packed away in the boot of your car, bike bag, or in your caravan. While designing this bike, we realised there was a need for a bike that was easy to travel with as most Australian travellers are either limited on space, or don’t like keeping our bikes outside on a bike rack all the time. With this in mind, Flex was born!

The frame painting adopts German electrostatic internal paste high-grade spraying process, which is especially remarkable in terms of mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. 6061 aluminum alloy is heat-treated by T6, which further enhances the strength and hardness based on its strong processing property, high toughness and good anti-oxidation effect. The shape of the frame is more stable and not deformable, and the corrosion resistance is further enhanced.