HillTop Bikes are an excellent and affordable way of creating a more active lifestyle without the stress of muscular pain and physical exertion that your body may not be able to deliver as it once did! We also offer those offroad enthusiasts with a great comfortable offroad Fat Tyre e-bike with power and performance to make any dirt track a breeze to conquer.

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The perfect option for the traveller! Flex is not only a great looking sport mountain bike, but its not only about looks with this fantastic machine. Flex is cable of folding in half within seconds allowing to be packed away in the boot of your car, bike bag, or in your caravan. While designing this bike, we realised there was a need for a bike that was easy to travel with as most Australian travellers are either limited on space, or don’t like keeping our bikes outside on a bike rack all the time. With this in mind, Flex was born!

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The ultimate in offroad assistance. 4inch tyres with a great offroad tread pattern specifically built for Australian bush and dirt conditions. You will find the Fatboy a real eye-opener as you use the enormous power to track through some of the most challenging offroad tracks. The Fatboy is also great for Rail Trails and Beaches. With the fat tyre profile, you can cruise easily alog the beach to that ultimate fishing spot, or just enjoy accessing where nobody else has been. So many options!

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